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The Grievance Redressal System has become an integral part of the operations of every institution in every field. Any organization is only capable of standing in the world with reputation when it has a strong and persuasive grievance redress mechanism. Moreover, the strength and effectiveness of the grievance redressal process can actually determine how powerful, responsive, and responsible the institute is.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India, has made it mandatory to establish an efficient grievance redressal system for effective and timely redressal settlement. This system has been established with the utmost objective of offering a fair and easily available platform to everybody related to the institution in some or other way, to put forth their complaints about the wrongdoings happening or happened to them, taking actions against those, and thereby taking a step towards preventing such unfair practices.

Grievance Redressal software is required to investigate and offer speedy solutions to the problem. In today’s world, feedback and reviews are the key elements of the organization’s functioning, which makes grievance redressal technology even more important for an institution. To achieve the goal of complete transparency regarding this, authoritative councils like UGC and AICTE have made it mandatory for all educational institutions and affiliated institutions to establish an online grievance redressal approach.

Why Online :

Unlike the traditional grievance redressal mechanism occurring through complaint forms and letters, the online approach towards this proves to be a great way to eliminate human interference and mistakes. In order to ensure complete customer satisfaction, no institution can keep itself apart in this online game. This online system not only enables prompt actions against every complaint but also reflects the real state of customer satisfaction.

Online grievance redressal portals are set up to take quick actions in order to solve the grievance while keeping it user-friendly yet affordable. This online platform facilitates the building blocks of an educational institution such as students, teachers, and non-teaching staff to lodge grievances and expect immediate outcomes with the least botherations. It helps to streamline the grievance procedures with satisfactory results and thereby upholding dignity by promoting the student-teacher cordial relationship.

After not strictly adhering to the guidelines by many educational institutions regarding the setting up online grievance platforms given in the statement of the ministry of human resource development in 2012, the AICTE directive in 2017 has stressed the necessity of establishment of not only online registration but also online disposal of grievances by students as well as teachers and other staff. This new regulation additionally asks the institution to create a monthly and quarterly report regarding the number and type of complaints received, disposed of, and pending. Moreover, the council has to look into the performance of the online Redressal system while renewing the approval each year.

Why choose vmedulife :

It is supremely pivotal for an educational institution to communicate well with students and educators about their grievances. vmedulife believes in the betterment of educational systems through creating a nurturing dream environment to provide a supportive platform for teachers and students to interact and communicate well with each other.

vmedulife offers a comprehensive grievance management system that automates the entire grievance process, from complaint registration to resolution. It also implements the best tactics to guarantee that the issue is addressed within the specified time frame or escalated to higher authorities for adequate attention and involvement.

Check out the process vmedulife offers regarding grievance redressal and contact us to know more about it.

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