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Technology is driving the information and learning of the new generation of pupils. vmedulife increases students’ learning results by allowing them to move smoothly between the digital and physical worlds.

Helping higher education with the higher ground

vmedulife is the favoured choice as an ERP for higher education because of its adaptability to academic and administrative operations at the institution, low infrastructure requirements, and speedy onboarding. vmedulife is in a unique position to provide an integrated SIS and LMS that covers the entire Student Lifecycle.

vmedulife offers the best student information system and learning management system for higher education on the market. Accreditation is made easier and more compliant with our ERP for higher education.

For Higher Education, there is EdTech.

vmedulife, on the other hand, is unique and best of them all.

vmedulife is so simple to operate that you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. Its highly flexible design enables it to be tailored to the needs of educational institutions and boards all around the world. vmedulife is a cloud-based delivery model that uses open source technologies and provides top-notch support. It also provides the best level of security possible while adhering to all international standards.

The days of running from one city to another for various colleges and filling out and submitting hard copies of applications are long gone. Multiple resources and time were necessary to examine and filter the student applications. Everything may be done entirely online, from submitting an application to paying application costs, learning about interview dates, and checking acceptance status. This allows students from a wider geographic area to apply.

The path becomes simple when the admission portal is coupled with the academic ERP. Students can be placed in different courses and batches by management, electives can be selected online, credit scores can be assigned, and faculty and classroom assignments can all be done online.

When vmedulife’s ERP for higher education is combined with the examination software, it becomes an end-to-end solution that includes online entrance tests for shortlisting students for admission as well as internal exams and assignments.

Student Information System (SIS) 

Moving from manual systems to an automated, cloud-based SIS consolidates all data into one location, making all types of reports simple to generate. All the data is stored and organised by a student management system software. It gives teachers, administration a single view of each student’s profile.

Communication is one of the main benefits of an vmedulife‘s ERP for higher education software, so students can even obtain their course materials and syllabus provided online. All quality accreditation bodies, such as NAAC and NBA, strive towards outcome-based education. Each faculty member may quickly build course plans, upload their daily class schedules so that the projected plan can be compared to reality. Academic administration can be expedited if the institution’s management has a better understanding of all courses.

ERP for higher education goes above and beyond any MIS.

Any MIS can not compete with a college

management ERP. A Management Information System (MIS) is a self-contained system designed to support a certain process. Because the systems are unable to communicate with one another, a significant amount of time is wasted on mundane operations. You’ll either have to extract data from one system and transfer it to another, or you’ll have to manually enter it. This is a process that is prone to errors.

In an ERP for higher education, on the other hand, all data is stored in one location, allowing you to simply communicate information between modules. Student information from the admissions module, for example, may be readily shared with the hostel module, which in turn can be shared with the library management module. This decreases data input labour, eliminates data redundancy, and frees up time that could be better spent elsewhere by reducing time spent manually delivering data to various departments.

It’s Now Easier to Create Reports

The ability to generate reports is one of the most compelling reasons for any college to use an ERP for higher education. The NAAC has made it a requirement that all reports be filed via ERP software. A university can now generate a variety of reports linked to both academic and non-academic activities. Exam result analysis, which used to take over two weeks and numerous resources, is now available in minutes with the touch of a mouse. And NAAC reports are generated in seconds with vmedulife, with precision that no manual method can equal.


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