The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) is an autonomous agency that has been grading Indian colleges since 1994. It is a self-governing body supported by the University Grants Commission of India, which is based in Bangalore. The NAAC assigns grades to colleges based on the quality of their educational programs and facilities.

The NAAC has established rules for accrediting institutions that serve as benchmarks.To boost the quality of students graduating from institutes, NAAC accreditation is required. It enables you to audit and evaluate your internal procedures, as well as enhance them.

Manually completing the NAAC accreditation process could waste a whole lot of your time and effort. This is why it is highly recommended for all educational institutions to opt for NAAC Accreditation Software.

The NAAC Accreditation Software you select should help to centralize and optimize the entire institutional accreditation process. From the completion of the Extended profile through the entry of data upload supporting documents, it creates reports in NAAC standard format as and when needed in every NAAC criteria and sub-criteria with a single click.

NAAC Accreditation Framework

NAAC Accreditation entails an enormous amount of data collection over time, as well as a lot of documentation, that must all be completed on time in order for accreditation to be successful and have an impact. vmedulife accreditation management system software‘s unprecedented framework that proves to be the one-stop solution to everything, takes complete responsibility in reaching your goals.

Our all-in-one technology allows university administrators and organizations to collaborate efficiently on a single platform. vmedulife simplifies certification management by allowing you to reckon modules with a simple drag-and-drop interface. A gap analysis application can be used to track the development of each part of accreditation in real-time. To help prepare for the NAAC accreditation process, identify gaps in each area and conformity with requirements.

Real-Time Dashboards

vmedulife provides a comprehensive set of tools that an educational institution needs to succeed. With real-time dashboards that track completed and pending tasks, it provides total visibility into where the programs are in the NAAC accreditation cycle. They are safe and may be customized by institutional administrators, and agencies to show the appropriate data.

It can produce reports quickly without requiring IT assistance and export them in the pattern you require. Gap analysis tools can be used to track the development of each part of accreditation in real-time. Faculty and administrators can efficiently manage educational programs according to institution requirements and close the system loop much earlier using online exams and evaluation methods.

Strategic Planning

We incorporate strategic planning in our module since it is one of the important components of the NAAC accreditation process. Our accreditation management software applies strategic planning in everything including teaching, assessment, mentoring, making it one of the most linear procedures for educators.

For a real-time picture of institutional happenings, this software connects goals, vision, mission, KPIs, outcomes, and results, and thereby enhances action plans, activities, and alignment reports. It offers SWOT analysis to regularly evaluate the strategic path of a certain institution. With dashboards and reports, it supports reporting and analytics visibility to indicate where the programs stand on the larger picture.

All-In-One Solution

vmedulife is a cloud-based higher education software package that streamlines certification for NAAC, NBA, and other organizations. To make report preparation easier, the platform smoothly interfaces with SIS, LMS, exams, and other modules. The NAAC accreditation management system software from vmedulife features strong backend algorithms that pull all the data from numerous sources and store it in a consolidated data repository, allowing institutions to quickly track progress and address concerns more.

Communication capabilities built into the accreditation software help the team regulate jobs, timelines, and concerns among the foundation, volunteers, and authorities. Institutions and agencies will be able to collect reliable data for consistent submissions if data formats are standardized.


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